The fundamental difference between someone like Jaime Dupree and someone like Bill oreily or bill Maher is that objectivity is lacking in both of the latter. Someone who can only find the problem and never the solution cannot be because they themselves don’t possess the mental acuity to distinguish such; I think it is directly relating to the general populace not wanting to hear a solution because it is not as grabbing as the problem itself.Though I hope it is not the case I strongly believe that many Americans cannot perceive such solutions to be a possibility because of “their” inability

to wade through the political redirect as it exists in the world today.

Many political leaders on both sides of the aisle understand this and use it to their advantage on a daily basis. The only solution i can come up with,

to combat such a blatant use of misinformation is too flood the channels of information with differing, factual, non-bias information.

The most difficult aspect of that particular challenge is that the controlling factors have such a market share,

(FOX, NBC, ABC, CNN) in certain aspects of media forums that

in order reach the people you want to, you have to give in certain points of your belief at least temporarily to attempt to get your message out.

The point being that you have to “sellout” to be heard.

Now I know some of you are thinking, yes well What about the internet and all the new fast ways of transmitting information that has since revolutionized

the media as we know it?

It is true that it has made it easier in the regard that cell phones, internet blogs, vine, all types of social media can make it easier to connect

with the uninformed American populace. Although often left out is the fact that information has become more readily available also means that information

that is not factual is essentially clogging the airways. So in effect people who do not understand how to navigate such an ocean of info, may

find it harder to perceive what info is actually reliable. I myself have issues with this very problem daily. The only cognitive solution I can perceive is

educating the populace on how to better navigate the media’s arena.

That brings me to my next point. How do you attempt to relay to a large group of people that the way they have been gathering information can be improved,

without skewing them into thinking your point of view.

So now we have this huge information age where allegedly past forms of media are less influential (FOX, NBC, CNN, ABC) and people

can find out almost anything they want if they have access to the internet, yet still Americans i know every day trust their information gathering to

the networks. So now you have this great tool that has never existed in history before, yet the amount of people who could use it but don’t, has never been

greater. There are a couple of reasons why I think this is happening. One major fact being that it is simply easier for someone to turn on the television

and just watch and hear what’s happenings as opposed to reading about what’s happening. I think another distinct factor is the  percentage of population

that is not “tech savvy” and simply don’t want to learn. I think many issues core problem, is the lack of a consistent thirst for knowledge.

If you do not possess the ability to understand that everything you learn about is not going to be entertaining but may very well be relevant to your life,

and your future then you need to take that step. The biggest issue that i have with media bias is the fact that many people know it is going on, yet they

continue to be a part of the media machine.

The only realistic way i think we can combat this phenomenon is through constant self evaluation of the source of the information and evaluating

yourself, making sure that other’s bias have not encroached on your own. I like to think that occasionally a news anchor here and there actually do this

but I’m constantly reminded of our society’s ability to make corruption the normal. Many other societies have far more corruption, the big difference being

we “allegedly” have the right to question our honesty and those of others, yet i feel many voices leading this questioning; whether it be questioning the

government, or your choice of friends; the  bias is focused on those entities, Ignoring the bias of those reporting. That is very real and very unchecked in

our world today. Unchecked mostly i believe to the credit of the American populace who ignorantly enjoy the pleasures of freedom without ever giving thought

to exercising them. It is an awful paradox, fed also by the machine of “social media”. I have always had a hard time understanding why so many people

can become so easily fascinated in other people lives having no ACTUAL bearing on there own. I credit some of the past power and ALL of the future power of

celebrities to their ability to harness social media in all of its forms no matter how low morally, (you) may rate them because you are still TALKING about

THEM. Bias also exists in the media in regards to movie stars, athletes, or anyone “famous”. Certain people are portrayed in a certain light as long as the

people shining that light are “cool” with them. Britney Spears for example was the golden child of America, that is until America got tired of her being

that and then the “real” britney came out. But that was just the media bias in the first place for portraying someone who never really existed in the first


For these people who are currently employed as journalist, (FOX, CNN, NBC, BILL OREILY, BILL MAHER) to name a few, i say they should never even be allowed

to report on anything but their

failure to hold themselves accountable and  for employing the bias that i believe is currently keeping them employed at their respective stations. It

is always difficult to speak out against the majority, you risk your future and your families future by doing so. So unfortunately i understand how

these aforementioned people would not dare such a thing; but that simply does not excuse them from exercising their morale’s. It is too the point where

I cannot blame the American people for being so cynical. It is a product of corruption in more than just the government and the only way to try to counter

it is attempting to look at every piece of information as transparent as possible.

For many Americans that means leaving their comfort zones or their respective news shows and breaching out in an attempt to broaden their understanding

of the world as we know it. I implore every American who reads this to do just that, you will be amazed at what you can uncover.