200 years ago I’d say you were right

Today I am writing about the ridiculous double standard going on pertaining to the Government media complex. (CNN, Fox News, Cmsnbc, Steven Colbert, John Stewart, and that other government stooge with big glasses alleged accent and missing teeth) It has recently come to my attention that the only one minority religious group    yazidi  is actually getting media coverage and minor aide from the U.S. while the attempted genocide is happening on all religious minorities in the area between Iraq and Syria. The U.S. government under the direction of our president decided to “Aide” these distressed peoples. The U.S. military dropped 2 bombs from human controlled air vehicles on an artillery emplacement. It was effectively destroyed. The only thing “they” won’t tell you is that 1st, the artillery emplacement was previously owned by the U.S., also the reason the Kurdish peshmerga  were pushed back recently was because of ISIL’s utilizing that artillery to push the Kurdish forces back and even seize the Mosul Dam. So ISIL used our technology to out range the famed Kurdish defenders and take over the largest christian city in Iraq, Qaraqosh. So essentially it is one of those increasingly familiar story of the U.S. fighting the people they attempted to help because there is no such thing as ” a good rebel” John McCain.

At this point the Yazidi, Christians, and other religious minorities are being forced to flee for the fear of either paying the  jizya ( From the point of view of the Muslim rulers, jizya was a material proof of the non-Muslims’ acceptance of subjection to the state and its laws. In return, non-Muslim subjects are permitted to practice their faith, to enjoy a measure of communal autonomy, to be entitled to the Muslim state’s protection from outside aggression) or face penalty of death upon not converting to extreme Islam. So the U.S. sent a helicopter with aide and bombed artillery that we used to own. I equivocate our most recent actions in this area as a nation like this, if a fight is happening between two people that we inflamed with our actions with weapons we supplied and yet we sit idly by like a lone police officer at a Metal show. After all the major punches are thrown we swoop in an throw cuffs on the antagonist, after the damage is done. Now I am not saying that we should do anything about it, but if we are why are we waiting until 50,000 religious minorities, the smallest being the Yazidi, are displaced and fleeing for their lives??

 Yet no one speaks about the fact that most of the people displaced are Christians who like the Yazidi are fleeing for their lives because of what they believe in. So why is it that when you turn on major news networks, with the exclusion Fox News, (even though i hate them the worst,they had 2 stories on Christians being massacred within a day of the city being taken) that I cannot even hear about Christians being slaughtered. I am sick of the double standard. We all know that in the past the Catholic 
Church in particular did not exercise the concept of “turn the other cheek” but I would dare say that in the last 200 years that has been concurrently changed. Let us look at the extreme Islamic sector counterpart(ISIL) They have zero tolerance for anyone who is not of their faith.

SIDENOTE: I dont understand why gays come out and protest Israel… If they understood what Hamas does to homosexuals,I have to think if they have rational bone in their body,they would reconsider and condemn Hamas. So why do they march in protest??!?!?!?!?!?

So if some one asked me “Why do you support the Christians they  are just as barbaric?” 200 years ago i’d say you were right. Look at Christians nowadays and tell me if this is true. Walk into a church on sunday and see if they are talking about the systematic extermination of muslims. Hell, they wont even talk about the systematic destruction/persecution of Christians happening all over the world including the Sunni Triangle. Look up the trials of alleged heresy is Pakistan, where Sharia Law still rules. Think about the slaughter of the Armenian people and the church of smyrna, 50 million christians were chased into the desert and starved with the burning of one of the 7 world churches at the time the church of Smyrna.

I end with the point that if every “christian” turns the other cheek to the slaughter of their own people then they will not survive, especially in that area where within the last 20 years has lost over 80 percent of its Christians population. A Christian population that had previously existed there for thousands of years. There is 2 links at the bottom……. It is very gruesome slaughtering of religious minorities and is banned from “American Journalist Websites.” Its dirty, if you dont wanna see the dirty jus dont watch it. (:



 Thank you for your time


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