The left passing laws

There is a law in California called Laura’s Law.   Every county in California has the chance to ratify it. It was approved by San Francisco law makers late Tuesday night. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors, passed by a vote of 9-2 a measure known as Laura’s Law. The state law allows family members, police officers or mental health professionals to file petitions asking the court-mandated treatment of a mentally ill person.

If this law is given final approval in the coming weeks……. it would allow court-ordered outpatient treatment for people with chronic and or severe mental illness that is “deemed” a risk to themselves or others or who have been jailed or hospitalized more than once in the prior three years, among other conditions.

Now essentially what this means is that if you were one of these recurring offenders this is referring too that you would have to by law take whatever medicine the powers that be deem necessary for your metal condition. That’s not too say that they would be making these calls without modern medical science and government doctors/psychiatrist. I am sure they will.

the law will appoint a three-person panel to each case, which includes a forensic psychiatrist who would review the case to determine if a court-mandate is necessary.

What im more worried about.

Youre saying in LEFTWING Nancy Pelosi’s back yard they passed this??? Not the right????  The LEFT are infringing on our civil rights as americans and essentially stating that they have the power to determine whether or not you need mental/medical help after a certain amount of “incidents” and after you’ve reached THEIR limit you are subject to any cop, mental health professional, and family member can start to start the process of government mandated mental health care??????!!!! In the LEFT,  who passed this law, point of view, they know whats best for people when it comes to mental health and drugs and that is simply something i do not agree with. LEFT or RIGHT, i do not agree with this, and anyone who cares about past precedence or lives in San FransICKO should be concerned about their personal rights being infringed by the LEFT.

This reminds me of how Stalin used the process of  psychiatric incarceration do eliminate those who dis agreed with his political ideologies. Now im not saying that is what will happen. I am only saying that with the passing of this it simply opens the door for scenarios such as the one i previously mentioned.


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