Global Climate Change?

If this man were a LEADER he would not simply come out on a podium and talk about the MOON.  I THINK he would come out and say “Hey i think that humans are causing this to happen. I’ve read  many scientific reports by my skeptics and believers alike that can draw a very real scientific conclusion which I believe  links  human environmental interactions to “climate change”.” I THINK  he would say “Yes while I believe this to be linked to humans and a real effort should be made to reel in the U.S. impact on this, WITHOUT crippling our current coal energy systems with impossible restrictions and negatively  affecting the U.S. economy.” Anyone who speaks with ABSOLUTENESS, whether it be a  scientist or politician alike, is some one OBVIOUSLY does not grasp the concept of  science. They are clearly not ready to drop their current belief at any point in time for one that is currently FACTUALLY supported.

“nobody said the moon wasnt there. Or that it was made of cheese.” hhahahahahahhahhahaha is this Jon Stewart. Or is it just his crowd?

“there is one member in congress who even supports the idea of dinosaur flatulence….. but i wont get into that..” What is this man saying right now. He sounds like me in a courtroom. The only difference, is I stood to gain nothing by cracking jokes. Only the amusement of onlookers. This man may very well get another “Nobel Peace Prize”. I put it in quotes because I believe it to be as important as the quotes Obama said about dinosaur flatulence. Look at what this man is saying in a logical manner and the only conclusion i believe you can come to is one of utter disappointment  for lack of factual or even logical substance.

“Theyre view may be wrong…… and a fairly serious threat to everyone’s future, at least they have the brass to actually say what they think. There is some who also duck the question when asked about climate change they say (“hey im not a scientist”) and I’ll translate that for you…..” he says. ” ( I know that man made  climate change is happening but if I admit it I’ll b run out of town by our radical fringe that think climate scientist is a liberal plot”)

So let me get this straight not only is the President a renown global climate scientist but he is also a Seasoned translator.

Well I am also a seasoned translator and what i would LOVE to translate is an objective report supported by objective nonpartisan “climatologists”  that supports any and all of the claims being made by Obama and others like him.

Please someone link me, because this sounds like a drunk talking after they’ve had too much to drink. Its just comical words……….


If you look up the time magazine cover in the 70’s youll see titles like THE BIG FREEZE, twice, THE COOLING OF AMERICA, HOW TO SURVIVE THE COMING ICE AGE, In the  and 90’s 2000’s you have GLOBAL WARMING, and THE GLOBAL WARMING SURVIVAL GUIDE. Its ridiculous we as americans cannot be this blind to obvious media misdirection, and are able to somehow SEE the  factual evidence supporting these claims which  I MYSELF HAVE BEEN UNABLE TO FIND WITH MY EYES AND ALL RESOURCES I HAVE AT MY DISPOSAL. MAYBE ITS BECAUSE UNLIKE EVERYONE ELSE IM NOT USING MY MIND TO  !!!!!!FIND!!!!! THE EVIDENCE. Instead trusting facts.

This is just the beginnings of the core issues with “climate change”


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